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Executive Chef/ Consultant
Cooking With Corralez (CWC)

Throughout his extensive career in Los Angeles, Award-Winning critically acclaimed chef Lance Corralez has put his unique spin in all aspects of culinary arts while not compromising the taste of his cuisine. He credits his cuisine to cooking with simple ingredients while not sacrificing the taste of the food. As a result of his refusal to compromise on quality of food, image of the restaurant and overall passion for cooking, Corralez is well known in the industry for building some of the best restaurant profits by at least thirty percent. Some of these landmark restaurants include Micky’s West Hollywood, Dukes Coffee Shop on the Sunset Strip, and World Café. He launched several establishments throughout Los Angeles including Barbarella Bar, the trendy Silverlake neighborhood eatery that opened to praises to foodies and critics alike and Bex Grill, in the recently revitalized city of Lancaster.

In 2006, Corralez held the esteemed position as Executive Chef at the Abbey in West Hollywood where he oversaw a kitchen staff of 35 and exceeded profits beyond expectations of the management. As a result of his success at the Abbey, Corralez parlayed his experience into executive management while consulting for a variety of establishments ranging from BBQ to gourmet take-out, and even launching the food program at Angeles National Golf Club. Additionally, Corralez also been cooking privately for some of Hollywood‟s biggest stars in film and television and as a result, expanding his knowledge in and out of the kitchen.

A native Angelino, Corralez has been cooking for over 28 years in and around Southern California, His resume and experience are simple and clear: Corralez incorporates skill with a vast understanding of different cuisines and restaurants concepts to produce profits. A self taught chef, Corralez developed a love of cooking at an early age; he began experimenting in the kitchen as a young boy spending his days at the Original Brown Derby where his mother worked as server.

Working and learning his way through the L.A. restaurant scene, Corralez‟ first prominent position as chef was at the Broadway Bar and Grill in Santa Monica. Other notable stints followed, which led him to Executive Chef at the famed Morton’s restaurant where Corralez was the esteemed chef and the mastermind behind fourteen Vanity Fair Academy Award parties, serving to A-list talent ranging from Robert DeNiro, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Halle Berry, Goldie Hawn, Charlize Thereon and studio executives including Barry Diller and Marvin Davis. Corralez also served as Executive Chef at Echo Park‟s legendary Taix French Restaurant. Aside from working at established restaurants, Corralez also served as General Partner and Executive Chef at Pasadena’s Old Town Bakery adding entrepreneur to his resume and has also been published in a Mary Lou Henner‟s self-help book.

Additionally, Corralez held the Executive Chef title at Bar Celona and Smittys Grill (both in Pasadena), as well as at the Bel Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades. He was a primary consultant to Food from the Hood, a student owned natural foods company that raised college scholarship funds for LA‟s inner city residents enabling them to become entrepreneurs. The program, a source of great pride for Corralez, was awarded Newsweek‟s American Achievement Award.

Since 2010, Corralez has also been serving as a consultant for some of Hollywood‟s leading executives and celebrities in film and television. Most recently he assisted in the food styling of the successful feature “Little Fockers,” where he helped design many of the turkeys used for the infamous dinner scene. He also assisted in creating unique foods for scenes in NBC‟s hit series “Parenthood.”

In 2011, Corralez created original recipes for “National Blueberry Pancake Day,” and served the cast and crew of the Fox hit show „Glee,” some of his signature pancakes. In April, Corralez was prominently featured in the NBC reality competition series “The Next Great American Restaurant,” where he was paired with an aspiring restauteur hoping to franchise a restaurant concept.

In June, Corralez was featured at the 6th Annual LA Wine Fest where he will be a part of the Robert Mondavi Discovery Wine Tour, offering food pairings to guests and a live cooking demonstration. Corralez marked National Strawberry Shortcake Day on June 14 with appearances in San Diego on “San Diego News in The Morning,” on The CW and in Los Angeles on the KCAL/KCBS News.

In August, Corralez was featured on the Virgin Mobile “Sparah” Web-Series where he taught stars Sarah and Spencer the basics of breakfast. August also marked the launch of Corralez‟ private cooking classes. Corralez exclusively offered first-time students a deal on Living Social, the online marketing couponing service and sold over 100 private lessons to foodies and chefs-to-be.

In the Big Apple

As I returned to the Big Apple I’m overwhelmed because there are so many choices to dine. From the 5-Star restaurants to the simple small diners. On my most recent trip in September, I had a few places in mind.  For my first night out I went to a place in Chelsea, called  Co Pane (   .  it was a small dining room with a menu that had small bites and wildfire pizzas. There is a small wine list, along with  some gastronomic pub beers. We started with some crostini–one with chicken pate, and one with white beans.  Next, we had some meatballs (made with veal) that were so good we had to order another one. The red sauce hugged the meatball like a mother grabs her first born. Next up, a artichoke Saldana with shaved Parmesan, served with a lemon vinaigrette that warmed my soul. The pizza crust had a cherry wood flavor, sweet to the tongue.

For lunch the next day we stepped into Eataly( , a Italian style market with different areas of food courts, pizza, pasta, seafood, fine dining and of course gelato. They also house several grocery areas to purchase product for the home. We decided to try the fine dining one, of course we sat at the bar. Outside of this indoor food market it was a little humid which prompted us to start with a refreshing bottle of Rose. I started with the beef tartar, the beef had a grassy flavor, and with my eyes closed I saw myself on a ranch in the middle of Italy.  My main course was a bore sausage made in house, with fingerling potatoes. My Oh My, I was in love. For dessert a nice cheese course.

Breakfast in the city a must stop in midtown is Viand Coffee Shop on 59th and Lexington Avenue( Yes ladies, this is in the shopping district and Blooomies is within walking distance.  This place sits about 20 people, and they only accept cash. When I asked the waiter for table for 2, yes, he pointed to the counter, OF Course ( I wouldn’t have it any another way as this is my favorite place to eat). I smiled, and sat down right in front of the sanitizer bottle. My coffee was hot and delicious. As in most New York establishments, they brew it in these huge urns. It must be the water, as many have been saying for years, this coffee so good. My wife and I shared a spinach egg white omelet, a short stack and some fresh squeezed orange juice. Man! Oh Man! This is a must-eat place for breakfast–especially for under $25. This is one of my favorites and every time I come to NY I have breakfast here.

When going to visit the Big Apple a must stop, is the world famous Peter Lugar ( ). We went to the one in Long Island, (the original is in Brooklyn) for my first visit. Of anyplace I’ve ever been, this was one of the top eating experiences of my life. There I said it and I mean it.

We began our meal with shrimp cocktail. Each shrimp was the size of my palm and the taste was exceptional and so fresh. For our salad course, the steak house favorite is the tomato and onion salad. On the side and a must is a side of the homemade bacon. Our entree was a porterhouse (what else is there to order?) creamed spinach and German potatoes. Somehow after all of this food, we managed to save room for dessert which was a hot fudge sundae that had “shlaw,” Luger’s version of whipped cream. It was amazing and a truly great meal.




















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